Best supplements, vitamins and nutraceuticals for fatigue in multiple sclerosis (MS): the scientific evidence on magnesium and multiple sclerosis (MS)

A 2014 study reported that lower intake of magnesium among those with MS was associated with higher fatigue scores on the Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS).


A 2019 study reported 'better ambulation, daily function, and QOL with increased intake of magnesium in people with mild-to-moderate MS'.  Ambulation is the ability to walk without the need for any kind of assistance.



A 2021 study reported that higher magnesium intake was associated with higher quality of life among those with MS.


A 2018 study reviewed all of the existing data on diet and MS fatigue and reported that: 'Two studies supplying an adequate amount of magnesium with the intervention diet reported relevant improvements in fatigue scores.

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