Immune Phix Ingredients  

Immune Phix Ingredient list 

  • PhytaphixTM vitamin C blend (organic Indian Gooseberry + Acerola cherry extract),
  • Whole elderberry powder,
  • Whole strawberry powder,
  • 100% pure organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea,
  • PhytaphixTM Vitamin D Complex:
    • Organic Vitamin D3 (as vegan cholecalciferol)
    • Marine Multi-mineral from the Irish Sea.
  • Zinc citrate,
  • Selenium (from L-Selenomethionine),
  • Irish B12 Mushroom.


Our vitamin B12 is derived from dried Irish mushroom.

Mushrooms are a fascinating foodstuff with many unique aspects. Although often thought of as a vegetable, mushrooms are actually a fungi. They have  gained attention for their health effects. 


Fruit Powders

Our vitamin C is derived from our Phytaphix blend of elderberry, acerola cherry, organic Indian gooseberry and strawberry.

Fruit powders provide vitamin C but also other phytonutrients such an antioxidants and polyphenol flavonoids.



Acerola Cherry


Indian Gooseberry

Dried strawberry

Vitamin Dalgae

Our vitamin D3 is derived from marine algae.

  • Vitamin D3 is the best type of vitamin D, being as much as 87% more potent than vitamin D2.


Our founder, Dr. Conor Kerley has published 12 papers regarding vitamin D in international, medical and scientific, peer reviewed journals, including papers on COVID-19, respiratory tract infections, asthma, sleep and autism. 


Irish Sea Magnesium

 Our magnesium is derived from the Irish Sea. This particular form is highly absorbable and comes with multiple additional minerals such as calcium, copper


Our selenium is derived from the same type of selenium found in nuts. 



Our zinc is derived from a highly absorbable type of zinc.











Organic, Japanese Matcha green tea 

Tea is another fascinating foodstuff with many unique aspects. 


But not all green tea is created equally. It has been demonstrated than Matcha green tea contains far more nutrients that ordinary green or black tea. However, the Matcha we use contains more nutrients than standard Matcha! For example, gram for gram our Matcha contain 20,000 times more of EGCG flavonoid than standard green tea!

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