The science says to help with COVID-19, start nutritional supplement early!

As for writing (Feb 2022), rates of COVID-19 remain high worldwide.


Although the pandemic has been ongoing for over 2 years and although the omnicron variant seems to be less severe and although we have vaccines, COVID-19 infection remains a threat...especially to vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying conditions.


In addition, long COVID can affect anyone - even if the actual COVID infection is mild and even if the individual is young, healthy, fit and active with no underlying condition(s).


It is important to note that the research reports that: 

earlier supplementation with these targeted nutrients had the most benefit


This should not be surprising! Imaging having a heart attack or even a broken leg and waiting a week or 2 before getting medical attention!


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Annweiler et al. reported that the hospitalised frail elderly patients who had regularly taken bolus vitamin D supplementation before hospitalisation with COVID-19 had significantly better survival rates than others



We have a produced a series of articles titled 'Best supplements for COVID-19: the scientific research regarding:


Vitamin D3

Vitamin B12







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