Green tea, immunity and infection


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This is because green tea and particularly Matcha green tea represent the richest source of two types of crucial nutrients, namely:




A 2021 review of all the scientific studies with humans published to date reported that green tea consumption led to:

32%  ↓ risk of overall upper respiratory tract infections

31%  ↓ risk of flu or influenza

A 30% decreased risk of infection is pretty profound!!!

The authors concluded:
‘Tea catechin consumption may have preventive effects against influenza infection and upper respiratory tract infection'

This 2021 review was published in the European Journal of Nutrition


Another 2022 review analysis used complicated analysis to assess genetically predicted tea intake and infection risk. This paper reported that a genetically predicted single extra daily cup of tea intake was causally associated with:

-39% decreased risk of bronchiectasis

-10% decreased risk of pneumonia

-9% decreased risk of influenza


This led these expert researchers to conclude:

'Our findings provided new evidence that genetically predicted an extra daily cup of tea intake may causally be associated with a decreased risk of infection'

This 2022 review was also published in the European Journal of Nutrition


-Do you drink green tea?

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