Podcast: Phytaphix founder Dr. Conor Kerley appears on Disable to Enabled Podcast

Our founder, Dr. Conor Kerley, featured on episodes 161, 162, 153 and 164 of the DISabled to ENabled podcast with friend and fellow person living with multiple sclerosis, Jessie Ace. Conor and Jessie met at a young persons with MS conference called MS Sessions in Bucharest in 2019.


DISabled to ENabled podcast is the podcast for people with chronic illnesses. The host, Jessie Ace, interviews inspiring people affected by chronic illness who turned their diagnosis into something unexpected. Listen to people such as celebrities/CEOs/athletes/marathon runners as well as real-life stories as they let you into their lives and how they did something awesome despite their chronic illness diagnosis. Learn their tips, tricks, and advice for living your best life with your chronic illness. Hard topics are discussed with a side of positivity and humor.


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