Phytaphix product 'COVMPAQ' featured as the 'BOOSTER SHOT' in Life Magazine from the Irish Independent

Phytaphix product 'COVMPAQ' was featured as the 'BOOSTER SHOT' in one of Ireland's most widely read publications, Life Magazine from the Irish Independent on Sunday, 30th of January.


Given the Covid-y Christmas and viral New Year endured by many, never has the country been in a greater need of a boost. And that’s not to get into any vax debate. If you’re feeling post-virally diminished, however, it might be worth looking at Covmpaq, a food supplement from Dr Conor Kerley. It can also be taken while Covid-19+ positive, and includes ingredients that promise anti-inflammatory benefits and improvement of energy levels, with details of research and results available at and on YouTube. Always consult your GP before starting supplements.


if you'd like to read the piece of the Irish Independent website, click here and scroll to the bottom...

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