Phytaphix founder, Dr. Conor Kerley, authors chapter on vitamin D

Demonstrating his renowned expertise on vitamin D, our founder, Dr. Conor Kerley, contributed a chapter to the brand new book:

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Handbook - Roadmap to Good Health

The proven international program enabling thousands of people with MS to live active, healthy lives


Conor's chapter is titled: 'Get Enough Vitamin D and Sunshine'


This new handbook is edited by:


Other contributors to the book: 

Dr Brandon Beaber, expert neurologist in California and affiliated with Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.

Dr. Virginia Billson, Pathologist at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne 

and person living with MS

Dr. Annette Carrthers, a GP in Warners Bay, New South Wales and person living with MS

Dr. Sam Gartland, a GP based in Ballina, New South Wales Australia and person living with MS

Dr Craig Hassed, an expert on mindfulness-based stress reduction, works at the Department of General Practice and is coordinator of mindfulness programs at Monash University. Dr. Hassed was also the founding president of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association and person living with MS

Greg Hendron, a solicitor in Northern Ireland and person living with MS

Rebecca Hoover, MS advocate and person living with MS

Dr. Rachel Hunter, Clinical Psychologist, Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Swansea University and person living with MS

Dr. Pia Jelinek, physician at the Kingsway Medical Centre

Dr. Heather King, MB ChB, DRCOG, DCH, MRCGP, a UK trained family doctor now working with the International Medical Clinic in Singapore and also a person living with

Karen Law, musician and person living with MS

Jack McNulty, chef and person living with MS

Dr. Phil Startin, a midfulness practitioner, trustee for MS-UK and person wiling with MS

Dr. Keryn Taylor, a Consultant Psychiatrist, specializing in Consultation Liaison and General Adult Psychiatry. She is a Psycho-Oncologist at the Department of Psychosocial Cancer Care, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, and Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Neuroepidemiology UnitMelbourne School of Population and Global Health at The University of Melbourne and is a person living with MS.

Dr. Jonathon White, MBChB, MRCOG, a practicing medical doctor (specialist obstetrician & gynaecologist), who also works with Overcoming MS as a medical consultant and event facilitator and is a person living with MS.

Dr. Stuart White, Consultant Anaesthetist and Researcher at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital and person living with MS


Conor previously spoke at Overcoming MS retreats in Brighton and Belfast, see details here and appeared on the Overcoming MS podcast, see details here



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