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We we were delighted to have our product, EndoHormone Phix, featured in the February 2024 issue which focused on women's health.


The issue started off with:

'Women’s health is not just an issue for women; it’s an issue for society as a whole. In addition to being influential consumers, research indicates that when women are healthier, communities are more productive and well-educated. Addressing women’s unique health needs contributes to the vitality of these communities, fosters stronger families and more resilient societies. In the first half of this feature, FoodBev unveils some of the solutions propelling us towards a more inclusive health platform for women'.


Check out the section regarding EndoHormone Phix:


Phytaphix founder, Dr. Kerley, formulated  EndoHormone Phix based on over 105 human research studies with 17 premium, plant based ingredients to:
-regulate female hormones
-regulate inflammation
-regulation cell division
-reduce tiredness
-support fertility

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