Irish Pharmacy News feature Phytaphix

Phytaphix featured in an article in The Irish Pharmacy News:

Made in Ireland – Phytaphix, a scientific nutrition product company launched by Dr Kerley in Oct 2020.


Support Your Immunity

Award-winning nutrition researcher Dr Conor Kerley has recently launched Phytaphix, a nutrient-packed powder which can be added to food and drink (water, milk, porridge, smoothies etc).


The food equivalent to one serving of Immune Phix:


With an initial batch of 150 units, the supplement sold out in less than a week. A second batch of 1,000 units are now selling fast.


The range is recyclable and suitable for adults & children as well as vegetarian, vegan & coeliacs.


Proudly headquartered in at Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk, Co. Louth


Just a Single Teaspoon of Immune Phix Powder Daily helps;

  • Support your immune system
  • Reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Reduce oxidative stress


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