Best supplements and nutraceuticals for COVID-19: the scientific research on magnesium and COVID-19

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Introduction to COVID-19 and magnesium

Magnesium is a trace element and a cofactor in more than 300 enzymatic systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body. Although magnesium is found in abundance in healthy many foods (seeds, greens, nuts, legumes, whole grains etc.), poor dietary habits have led to insufficient magnesium intake being a major issue globally.


Summary of COVID-19 and magnesium


COVID-19 and magnesium: Reviews


COVID-19 and magnesium: Lab studies


COVID-19 and curcuminoids: Human studies 

But we always want to look for human studies. 


Another study examined nutrients levels in patients with severe COVID-19 infection and admitted to ICU and found low levels of magnesium in these patients and also that lower magnesium levels were associated with more sever COVID-19. Inddeed ,the researcher concluded that lower blood levels of magnesium were involved in severe COVID-19 (Beigmohammadi et al 2021)


The association between serum levels of micronutrients and the severity of disease in patients with COVID-19.

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Conclusion: COVID-19 and magnesium


In addition to magnesium, other supplements and nutraceuticals for COVID-19 include:


The best evidence we have suggests that regarding COVID-19 infection, earlier supplementation is better


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