Phytaphix is THE Irish Nutrition and Supplement company

Phytaphix is proudly 100% Irish and the ONLY company that is:


1. 100% Irish owned

Phytaphix as a company is 100% Irish owned and NOT managed by foreign investors or similar.


2. Founded by an Irish doctor of nutrition

At Phytaphix, all of our products are based on the research and expertise of our founder:

Dr. Conor Kerley

-Doctor of nutrition

-Award winning nutrition researcher

-Leading clinician

-CORU registered and member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute

-Previously a lecturer in dietetics, public health nutrition, food innovation and nutraceuticals at University College, Dublin and Technological University Dublin.


3. 100% Irish manufactured and packaged

100% of the manufacturing and packaging of our products takes place in Ireland, meaning we at Phytaphix contribute to Irish jobs and the Irish economy.


4. Contains Irish ingredients

Our product, Immune Phix, contains:

-Irish mushroom

-Irish Sea multi-mineral complex

See more about Phytaphix ingredients by clicking here


So if you're looking for the best and most Irish supplements and nutrition products, look no further than Phytaphix!!!

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