'Nutrition components to treat COVID-19? ' - Phytaphix founder, Dr. Conor Kerley presents research at 2022 Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Symposium

The Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (INDI) hold an annual conference, showcasing the best nutrition research from Ireland.


Our founder, Dr. Conor Kerley, trained as a dietitian and previously won 'Research Dietitian of the Year' in 2017 from the INDI.


In 2022 the INDI symposium, like so many other events, was held virtually - online. 


Demonstrating our commitment to science, Conor submitted research regarding the scientific evidence that nutrition components have a role in preventing and treating COVID-19. This research was accepted and Conor presented this research at the symposium to dietitians, other nutrition professionals as well as GPs and pharmacists.


Check out the poster below and share with anyone you know that has COVID or that previously had COVID or has long COVID:




If you would like a PDF of this poster, please contact us directly via: 


Also, research on our first product, Immune Phix, was accepted for the 2021 symposium...see this blog

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