Best supplements, vitamins and nutraceuticals for Multiple Sclerosis (MS): the scientific evidence on Coenzyme Q10 and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin like substance found throughout the body.

For a general introduction Coenzyme Q10, check out our earlier blog here. 


Previous studies reported benefits of coenzyme Q10 supplementation in:


But what about MS?


To date, only three studies measured coenzyme Q10 blood levels in people with MS.


A 2010 study from Madrid, Spain measured coenzyme Q10 levels in persons with MS and in persons without MS. They found no difference between Q10 levels..


However, in 2014, researchers in Italy measured blood levels of coenzyme Q10 in people with MS and compared these levels to people without MS. The researchers found that coenzyme Q10 levels were lower in those with MS. Interestingly, they also reported that among the different types of MS, those with benign MS had the highest levels of coenzyme Q10.


Since coenzyme Q10 levels were lower in those with MS but highest in those with benign MS, this study suggests that coenzyme Q10 is of importance in MS.


Another 2014 study, this time from researchers in Bratislava, Slovakia. Similar to the study above, these researchers measured blood levels of coenzyme Q10 in people with MS and compared these levels to people without MS. The researchers reported that:

'serum lipophilic antioxidants including coenzyme Q10 for the vast majority of MS patients were deficient or moved within the border of lower physiological values'

--> serum means blood and lipophilic means fat soluble


These Slovakian researchers concluded:

The results indicate that the deficit of lipophilic antioxidants in blood of MS patients may have a negative impact on bioenergetics of reparative remyelinating processes and promote neurodegeneration.


In 2021 a review article was published by researcher from Córdoba, Spain entitled Therapeutic Potential and Immunomodulatory Role of Coenzyme Q10 in Autoimmune Diseases which wrote: 

'CoQ10 has shown beneficial effects in autoimmune diseases'


'Clinical trials and experimental models have further demonstrated a therapeutic role for CoQ10 in multiple sclerosis'.


Ok, the big question is:

Can supplementation with coenzyme Q10 help those with MS?


There are 4 studies which have provided coenzyme Q10 supplements to those with MS and the answer is: YES! Coenzyme Q10 supplementation has been shown to benefit those with MS:


The first study comes from 2013 and reported:

  • significant increase in antioxidant activity
  • significant decrease in oxidative stress


The second study comes from 2015 and reported:

  • significant decrease in inflammation (TNF-α, IL-6 and MM-9)


The third study comes from 2016 and reported: 

  • significant decrease in fatigue
  • significant decrease in depression


The fourth study comes from 2019 and reported:

  • improved antioxidant activity
  • reduced oxidative stress
  • reduced DNA damage
  • reduced inflammation 
  • lower disability (Expanded Disability Status Scale)
  • less fatigue
  • less depression 
  • less pain

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